Sonia Eng(non-registered)
Can't wait to see the many photos you'll be capturing in NH this Spring and Summer.
Phyllis Brown(non-registered)
So beautiful! Thanks for sharing; I'll be sure to check in periodically. Fun getting to know this side of you. Such a treat that our paths crossed because we helped you find Casa Bella. Your photos are soothing and satisfying,... a treat! Thanks for sharing these photos and your blog with me and Steve.
Edna De John(non-registered)
Great pictures. I May need a few. Miss both of you!
Judi Christopher(non-registered)
Andre, this was amazing. I really enjoyed the photographs. Thanks so much for sending them. It was good to see you and your wife at the reunion. Have a wonderful holiday.
Paula & Jack Sorrentino(non-registered)
We found this very interesting Thank you for sending it to us
Sonia Eng(non-registered)
Loved, loved, loved your world trade center blog... I could not have said it better... That day was a life changing moment for all of us, but a day that made us much stronger... Thank you so much for sharing your blog..
Bob LePree(non-registered)
As usual . great work. Kindest regards, Bobby
Giuseppe Cantelmo(non-registered)
Hello Andree. You're a great photographer.
Lucia Santeramo(non-registered)
Wow, I must say the pictures are magnificent. They not only capture the audience, but they take you to a very serene place in your heart. You are truly blessed!!
Melissa Maglione(non-registered)
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful site with me!!!! I am so honored to know such a man with such talent!!! You are truly blessed to have a gift,,, to see beyond... I especially love the picture with the 3 windows and the chair. Such a simply shot but beyond the shot is a view of peacefulness, tranquility, calmness, that what I see... I look forward to more pictures.... Good Luck and congrats on your website.... What a wonderful way to display your talent. LOVE YOU!!!!!!
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