There is nothing like going through an old shoebox full of family photographs.  Sitting in a circle with family members and laughing at the clothes we wore, our hair styles, automobiles we owned, and sharing family stories.  Occasionally, a tear is shed for a loved one we miss so much.  This is our historical time line.  A record of our personal history.  Many of us have photographs that were created when our families lived in another country.  Our connection to our ethnic heritage.  Too often, we are much to busy to work on a personal photographic record of our ancestors.  Something as simple as a wall of framed photographs dedicated to our family tree is often put off for when we have time to get to it.  There is no time like now to start your project.  It does not have to be expensive.  A grouping of modest size, framed photographs is not expensive.  Many of us have photographs that have become stained or damaged over the years, and need restoration.  Take some time to go through your collection of snapshots.  Be selective, and choose a few that are important to you.  If some of them need restoration, I would be happy to take care of that and make your photos come back to life.  Right now you may be very busy managing a career and family, however someday these photos will be your most treasured possessions.  To see before and after expamples open the Archival Restorations gallery to see what is possible.  If you would like information about this kind of project, navigate over to my contact page and drop me an e mail.  I will answer you promptly and we could begin a dialog about your project.  Keep in mind, what a wall of photographs of your family tree would look like.  Remember, a project like this is less expensive than you might think and more valuable than you can imagine.