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New Hampshire brings a change of lifestyle

December 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We can always count on change. The one constant that remains with us all our lives. As a young person, flexibility can be a major asset. As our lives get more rooted and complicated change becomes more of a challenge. No one I know looks forward to going through everything they own, wrapping it, boxing it, and moving it. That is just how my wife and I spent our time this past year.


Ever since our children were young, we've vacationed in New Hampshire. It is an easy state to fall in love with and that is just what we did many decades ago. I never imagined myself living here. Both of us were born and raised in New Jersey, and lived there always. It goes without saying we have many friends and family, as well as professional, and personal interest that keep us busy. The process of deciding to make our move to the Granite state evolved very slowly, then took on an energy all its own. Little by little, events fell into place, and everything became aligned for our decision to be made very easily.


Living in New Hampshire brings a change of lifestyle, energy, and activity. Patricia and I are sharing a home office (family and friends warned us about this), however we enjoy each others company and are confident this will work. Life is pleasantly slower here, just what we both need right now. The change from New Jersey to New Hampshire also brings a change from suburban/city to rural farmland. We both are adjusting to a new skill set needed to make life easier.


Getting unpacked, organized, set up, and dealing with all the boxes and packing material have been energy and time consuming. A new experience for me was changing drivers licenses and registrations in a relaxed unhurried atmosphere. I have yet to plan my first shoot, but I am confident that it will be sooner rather than later. I have a new pallet to work from, that I am eager to explore. The New England coastline, The White Mountains, rolling farmland, and some classic New England architecture have me very excited to get started. Yes, I do know it gets cold here. Many of my friends and relatives voiced concern about the weather in the weeks leading up to our move. I already researched clothing options and the product line has never been of such high quality and efficiency. A very knowledgeable young man at an outdoor gear store spent lots of time with me. Together we made choices that will work for my activity level.


In the coming months I will explore this new, yet familiar landscape. As per my usual practice, this blog will reflect my experiences, emotions, discoveries, and opinions related to things photographic. My vision oriented brain always has me looking around and making mental compositions. Within an hour and a half of my home in any direction I can find fresh new subject matter, textures, light and culture. I have always loved the look of historic cities and towns of New England. In addition, coastal New England has a pallet I never get tired of looking at through my viewfinder. The White Mountains lie in wait just a short ride north of where I live. I look forward to exploring these subjects as well as others, so check in regularly. Your comments are always welcome. You can reach me via the contact page on this web site.



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